Getting Started....

Create a TicketUtils Account
Before you can use the Ticket Utils APIs, you will need to have a Ticket Utils account. You can signup for a Ticket Utils account here:
Generate Your Access Keys

Once you obtain a Ticket Utils account, you will need to generate your access keys. To generate the keys, click on the "Configuration" link of the "Trading API" product within your account. Next, click on the generate button to create an API Token and enter a Secret passcode.


All the requests are to be Signed for an additional level of security. Signing requests will prohibit somebody from accessing the Token and using the APIs on your behalf.

You'll need to hash the Path and Query part of the Url using SHA256 and the secret to generate the Signature.

For example, in order to return the events using following endpoint 

The part used for Generating the Signature is


A typical HTTP Request will look like as follows:

X-Signature: [Signature]
X-Token: [AuthToken]

Following is the sample routine in C# which can be used for Signing.

public string GenerateSignature(string Secret,string PathAndQuery)
   using (System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA256 Sha = new System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA256(System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Secret)))
      return Convert.ToBase64String(

Following is the sample routine in PHP which can be used for Signing.

function GenerateSignature($Secret,$PathAndQuery)
   return base64_encode(\Zend_Crypt_Hmac::compute($Secret, 'sha256', $PathAndQuery, \Zend_Crypt_Hmac::BINARY));

Doing the signing

Use our Signature Test Tool to check if the signatures you're making are correct.

Integrate with Ticket Utils

Now comes the fun part: integrating with Ticket Utils API. Using the APIs you can automate tasks related to your Point of Sale inventory management, build a white label ticketing e-commerce site or integrate with our JavaScript powered interactive seating charts.

You Need to Login forSignature Test Tool