Developer Portal


Version 3.0
GET POS/Shiping/{id}

No documentation available.


Version 3.3
POST POS/v3.3/Tickets/Search

Searches the specified Ticket.

Version 3.2
POST POS/v3.2/Tickets/Search

Searches the specified Ticket.

POST POS/v3.2/Tickets/Revisions

Ticket Group Revisions

POST POS/v3.2/Tickets/Revisions/SellPrice

Ticket Group Sell Price Revisions

Version 3.1
GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}

Get Ticket Group by Id.

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{Number}

Get Ticket Group by Ticket Number

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Seats

Get Seats by Ticket Group Id

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Adjacent

Get Adjacent Tickets

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Piggyback

No documentation available.

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Revisions

Ticket Group Revisions

GET POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/PiggybackSuggestions

Get Piggyback Suggestions

PUT POS/v3.1/Tickets

Bulk Update Ticket Group by Ids.

PUT POS/v3.1/Tickets/BulkUpdate

Bulk Update Ticket with individual ticket details.

PUT POS/v3.1/Tickets/{ticketGroupId}

Update Ticket Group by TicketGroupId.

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets

Add Ticket.

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/Merge

Merge Ticket Groups

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/Delete

Delete Ticket Groups

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/Search

Searches the specified Ticket.

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/Adjacent

No documentation available.

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Merge

Merge Ticket Groups

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/{id}/Split

Splits the specified Ticket Group.

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/SevenDayWindow

POST POS/v3.1/Tickets/Tags/Revisions

Ticket Group Revisions

Version 3.0
GET POS/Tickets/{id}

Get Ticket Group by Id.

GET POS/Tickets/{Number}

Get Ticket Group by Ticket Number

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/Seats

Get Seats by Ticket Group Id

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/Adjacent

Get Adjacent Tickets

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/Artifacts

Gets the artifacts.

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/Piggyback

Piggyback Ticket Group

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/Revisions

Ticket Group Revisions

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/SpecExpiration

Gets the spec expiration.

GET POS/Tickets/{id}/PiggybackSuggestions

Get Piggyback Suggestions

PUT POS/Tickets

Bulk Update Ticket Group by Ids.

PUT POS/Tickets/Events

Bulks the edit event.

PUT POS/Tickets/Reject

Rejects the ticket.

PUT POS/Tickets/Approve

To Approve tickets

PUT POS/Tickets/{id}/Tags

Tags the specified identifier.

PUT POS/Tickets/RejectEvent

Rejects the event.

PUT POS/Tickets/ApproveEvent

Approves the event.

PUT POS/Tickets/BroadcastAll

Toggle Broadcast Status of Ticket Groups

PUT POS/Tickets/BroadcastData

Updates the ticket broadcast data.

PUT POS/Tickets/{id}/SellPrice

Update the ticket sell price.

PUT POS/Tickets/{ticketGroupId}

Update Ticket Group by TicketGroupId.

PUT POS/Tickets/{id}/SpecExpiration

Update the spec expiration.

PUT POS/Tickets/Piggyback/{id}/Remove

Break Piggyback assosiation of TicketGroup

PUT POS/Tickets/{id}/LinkAsPiggybackWith/{piggybackTicketId}

Link Piggyback Tickets

POST POS/Tickets

Add Ticket.

POST POS/Tickets/Search

Searches the specified Ticket.

POST POS/Tickets/Summary

Event Summary Request

POST POS/Tickets/{id}/Merge

Merge Ticket Groups

POST POS/Tickets/{id}/Split

Splits the specified Ticket Group.

POST POS/Tickets/EventSummary

Event Summary Request

POST POS/Tickets/SevenDayWindow

DELETE POS/Tickets/{id}

Delete Ticket Group by Ticket Group Id


Version 3.0
GET POS/Customers/{id}

Gets the Customer by specified identifier.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/Notes

Gets the customer notes.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/Contacts

Gets addresses of customer.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/DebitNotes

Gets the Debit memo transaction.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/CreditNotes

Gets the customer wallet.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes

Gets the list of customer payment modes.

GET POS/Customers?ZoneCode={ZoneCode}

Gets the customer by zone code.

GET POS/Customers/{id}CSRs/{customerCSRId}

Gets the customer CSR.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/Locations/{locationid}

Gets the customer location.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/{paymentModeId}

Gets the customer payment mode.

GET POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModeBillingInformation

Gets the payment mode billing information.

PUT POS/Customers/{id}

Updates the Customer Details.

PUT POS/Customers/{id}/Tags

Manage tags to Customers.

PUT POS/Customers/{id}/CSRs/{customerCSRId}

Updates the customer CSR.

PUT POS/Customers/{id}/Locations/{locationid}

Updates the location.

PUT POS/Customers/{id}/Notes/{customerNoteId}

Updates the customer note.

POST POS/Customers

Adds the Customer.

POST POS/Customers/Search

Searches the specified request.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/CSRs

Adds the CSRs.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/Notes

Adds the customer note.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/Locations

Adds the location.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/Other

Adds the other Payment Mode.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/Paypal

Adds the paypal payment mode.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/DebitCard

Adds the debit card payment mode.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/CreditCard

Adds the credit card payment mode.

POST POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/BankAccount

Adds the bank account payment mode.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}

Deletes the Customer by specified identifier.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}/Contacts/{contactId}

Deletes the customer's contact.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}/CreditMemos/{memoId}

Deletes the credit memo.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}/Locations/{locationId}

Deletes the location.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}/Notes/{customerNoteId}

Deletes the customer note.

DELETE POS/Customers/{id}/PaymentModes/{paymentModeId}

Deletes the Customer's payment mode.


Version 3.2
POST POS/v3.2/Sales/Invoices/Search

No documentation available.

Version 3.1
PUT POS/v3.1/Sales/Invoices/MarkAsPaid

Marks invoices as paid.

POST POS/v3.1/Sales/Invoices/Search

No documentation available.

Version 3.0
GET POS/Sales/Orders/{Id}

Get Order

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{Id}

Get Invoice

GET POS/Sales/Holds/{holdRequestId}

Get Hold

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments

Gets the Invoice Payments.

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Revisions

invoice revisions.

GET POS/Sales/{id}/Items/{InvoiceItemId}/Seats

Get Seats by Invoice Item Id

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments/{paymentId}

Gets the invoice payment.

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Items/{invoiceItemId}/Artifacts

Gets the artifacts.

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Items/{invoiceItemId}/Revisions

Gets the invoice item revisions by invoice Item id.

GET POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/CustomItems/{invoiceCustomItemId}/Revisions

Gets the invoice custom item revisions by invoice custom item id.

PUT POS/Sales/Holds

Updates the hold request.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices

Update Invoices

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/Tags

Bulk Action To Manage Tags for Invoices

PUT POS/Sales/ReleaseTickets

Releases the tickets.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/Shipping

Update Shipping Status

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/MarkAsPaid

Marks invoice as paid.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}

Update Invoice

PUT POS/Sales/Holds/{holdRequestId}

Extend Hold

PUT POS/Sales/Orders/{orderid}/Items

Add Items to Existing Order

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Tags

Manage Tags

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Items

Add To Existing Invoice

PUT POS/Sales/{orderId}/Items/{orderItemId}

Update Order Item

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/MarkInHand

Marks the invoice in hand.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments/{paymentId}

Update Payment ReferenceNumber

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/CustomItems/3

Updates the invoice items.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments/{paymentId}/Refund

Refunds the Specified Identifier.

PUT POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/PrivateNotes/{invoiceNoteId}

Update Invoice Private Note

PUT POS/Sales/Orders/{orderId}/Items/{orderItemId}/DeallocateTicket

Deallocate Order Item's Ticket

PUT POS/Sales/Orders/{orderId}/Items/{orderItemId}/Split?quantity={quantity}

Split Order Item and allocate Ticket (Only for Advance Sale and Spec Order)

POST POS/Sales/Holds

Put on Hold

POST POS/Sales/Invoices

Create Invoice

POST POS/Sales/AdvanceSale

Add Order

POST POS/Sales/MarkAsTaken

Add Order

POST POS/Sales/SearchOrder

Search Order

POST POS/Sales/Holds/Search

Search Hold Tickets

POST POS/Sales/WasteTickets

Waste Inventory

POST POS/Sales/Holds/Release

Release hold.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/Void

Bulk Void Invoices

POST POS/Sales/Orders/Search

Search the order

POST POS/Sales/SearchInvoice

No documentation available.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/Search

No documentation available.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/Payments

Add Bulk payment to the Invoices.

POST POS/Sales/OrderItems/Search

Search Order Item

POST POS/Sales/SearchHoldTickets

Search Hold Tickets

POST POS/Sales/InvoiceItems/Search

Search Invoice Item

POST POS/Sales/Orders/Items/Search

Search Order Item

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/Items/Search

Search Invoice Item

POST POS/Sales/Invoice/Tags/Revisions

invoice revisions.

POST POS/Sales/Orders/{orderId}/Accept

Accept Order

POST POS/Sales/Orders/{orderid}/Reject

Reject Pending Order

POST POS/Sales/Orders/{OrderId}/Payments

Adds the order payment.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments

Adds the Invoice Payment.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/CustomItems

Adds the custom line items.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Items/Delete

Deletes the invoice items.

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/PrivateNotes

Add Invoice Private Note

POST POS/Sales/Holds/{holdRequestId}/ConvertToOrder

Convert Hold To Order

POST POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments/CreditMemo

Add the Customer's Credits Memo.

POST POS/Sales/Orders/{orderId}/Items/{orderItemId}/AllocateTicket

Allocate Ticket to Order Item

DELETE POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Payments/{paymentId}

Removes Invoice Payment Without Refund.

DELETE POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/CustomItems/{customItemId}

Deletes the custom item.

DELETE POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/Items/{invoiceItemId}/Notes

Delete Invoice Item Note

DELETE POS/Sales/Invoices/{invoiceId}/PrivateNotes/{invoiceNoteId}

Delete Invoice Private Note.


Version 3.0
GET Account/MyAccount/CSRs

Gets the subscriber CSR.

GET Account/MyAccount/Addresses

Gets the subscriber addresses.

PUT Account/MyAccount/Users/{id}/Tags

Tagses the specified identifier.


Version 3.0
GET BrokerHub/Tickets/{Id}

Get Broker Hub Ticket

POST BrokerHub/Tickets/Search

Search Tickets


Version 3.0
GET POS/Settings/Broadcast

Gets the default broadcast setting.

GET POS/Settings/Referrals

Gets the subscriber referrals.

GET POS/Settings/PaymentModes

Gets All Subscriber Payment Modes

GET POS/Settings/SplitOptions

Gets the split options.

GET POS/Settings/PaymentModes/{id}

Gets Subscriber Payment Modes by Payment Mode Id

GET POS/Settings/Referrals/{referralId}

Gets the subscriber referral.

GET POS/Settings/ShippingTypes?Carrier={Carrier}&Currency={Currency}

Get the Shipping Types

PUT POS/Settings/Referrals/{referralId}

Updates the subscriber referral.

PUT POS/Settings/PaymentModes/Paypal/{paymentModeId}

Update Subscriber Paypal Details.

PUT POS/Settings/PaymentModes/DebitCard/{paymentModeId}

Update Subscriber Debit Card Details.

PUT POS/Settings/PaymentModes/CreditCard/{paymentModeId}

Update Subscriber Credit Card Details.

PUT POS/Settings/PaymentModes/BankAccount/{paymentModeId}

Update Subscriber Bank Account Details.

POST POS/Settings/Referrals

Adds the subscriber referral.

POST POS/Settings/PaymentModes/Other

Adds Subscriber other payment mode.

POST POS/Settings/PaymentModes/Paypal

Adds Subscriber Paypal.

POST POS/Settings/PaymentModes/DebitCard

Adds Subscriber Debit Card.

POST POS/Settings/PaymentModes/CreditCard

Adds Subscriber Credit Card.

POST POS/Settings/PaymentModes/BankAccount

Adds Subscriber Bank Account.

DELETE POS/Settings/Referrals/{referralId}

Deletes the subscriber referral.

DELETE POS/Settings/PaymentModes/{paymentModeId}

Delete Subscriber payment mode.


Version 3.1
GET POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}

Get Purchase Order.

GET POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Seats

Get Seats by Purchase Order Item Id

GET POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Revisions

Gets the purchase order item revisions by purchase order item id.

PUT POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Tickets

Adds ticket group to existing purchase order.

PUT POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/{purchaseOrderPaymentId}

Refund or remove without refund

POST POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/Items/SplitToMultipleEvents

Splits PO Item to multiple events.

POST POS/v3.1/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/SplitToMultipleEvents

Splits to multiple events.

Version 3.0
GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}

Get Purchase Order.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments

Gets the purchase order payments.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Revisions

Purchase Order revisions.

GET POS/v3/PurchaseOrders/{id}

Get Purchase Order.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Seats

Get Seats by Purchase Order Item Id

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/{PurchaseOrderPaymentId}

Gets the purchase order payment.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Artifacts

Gets the pdf and barcode by purchase order item id.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Revisions

Gets the purchase order item revisions by purchase order item id.

GET POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/CustomItems/{purchaseCustomItemId}/Revisions

Gets the purchase order item revisions by purchase order item id.

GET POS/v3/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Seats

Get Seats by Purchase Order Item Id

GET POS/v3/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Revisions

Gets the purchase order item revisions by purchase order item id.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders

Bulk Update Purchase Order

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}

Update Purchase Order by Id

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Tags

Tagses the specified identifier.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/MarkAsPaid

Marks as paid.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Tickets

Adds ticket group to existing purchase order.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/Items/MarkInhand

Marks purchase order as in hand.

PUT POS/v3/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Tickets

Adds ticket group to existing purchase order.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/PrivateNotes/{noteId}

Updates the purchase order private note.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/CustomItems/{customItemId}

Updates the custom purchase order items.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/{paymentId}/refund

Refunds the po payment.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/{PurchaseOrderPaymentId}

Updates the reference number.

PUT POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/MarkInHand

Marks Purchase order Item inhand.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/Void

Voids the purchase order.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}

Voids the purchase order.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/Search

Search the purchase order.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/Payments

Adds the bulk po payment.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/Items/Search

Searches for Purchase Order.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments

Adds the po payment.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/CustomItems

Adds the custom line items.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/Delete

Deletes the purchase order items.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/PrivateNotes

Adds the purchase order private note.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/Payments/Reconcile

Reconciles the po payment.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/DebitNote

Adds the debit note.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Notes

Adds the po item note.

POST POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/SplitToMultipleEvents

Splits to multiple events.

POST POS/v3/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/SplitToMultipleEvents

Splits to multiple events.

DELETE POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/PrivateNotes/{noteId}

Deletes the purchase order private note.

DELETE POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/CustomItems/{customItemId}

Deletes the custom item.

DELETE POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Items/{purchaseOrderItemId}/Notes

Deletes the po item note.

DELETE POS/PurchaseOrders/{id}/Payments/{purchaseOrderPaymentId}

Deletes the po payment.


A controller for handling event data.
Version 3.0
GET POS/EventData/Event/{id}

Searches the event by event identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Venue/{id}

Searches the venue by venue identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Category/{id}

Searches the category by category identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Grouping/{id}

Searches the grouping by grouping identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Performer/{id}

Searches the performer by performer identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Traits?id={id}

(An Action that handles HTTP GET requests) gets an action result using the given Event identifier.

GET POS/EventData/Events/{id}/Tags

Get Tags for specified event.

GET POS/EventData/Venues/Aliases/{id}

Search venue alias by alias id.

GET POS/EventData/Events/MetaData?eventId={eventId}&venueId={venueId}

Get Event metadata and venue restriction details

PUT POS/EventData/Events/Tags

Update tags.

POST POS/EventData/Events

Add Event

POST POS/EventData/Events/Search

Searches the event.

POST POS/EventData/Venue/Aliases

Search venue alias.

POST POS/EventData/Venues/Search

Searches the venue.

POST POS/EventData/MyEvents/Search

Searches the specified request.

POST POS/EventData/Groupings/Search

Searches the grouping.

POST POS/EventData/Categories/Search

Searches the category.

POST POS/EventData/Performers/Search

Searches the performer.

DELETE POS/EventData/Events/{id}

Delete Event


Version 3.0
GET BrokerHub/Orders/{orderId}

Get Broker Hub Order

GET BrokerHub/Orders/DownloadAirBill/{externalOrderNumber}

No documentation available.

POST BrokerHub/Orders/Confirm

Confirm Order

POST BrokerHub/Orders/Deliver

Deliver Order

POST BrokerHub/Orders/CreateOrder

Add Sale


Version 3.0
GET BrokerHub/Settings/CreditCards

Get Credit Cards of Subscriber

PUT BrokerHub/Settings/CreditCard/{id}/MarkAsDefault

Remove Credit Card of Subscriber

POST BrokerHub/Settings/CreditCard

Add Credit Card

DELETE BrokerHub/Settings/CreditCard/{id}

Remove Credit Card of Subscriber


Version 3.0
GET BrokerHub/Purchases/{PurchaseId}

Get Broker Hub Purchase

POST BrokerHub/Purchases/Search

Search Broker Hub Purchase


Version 3.0
GET POS/SyncCenter/Zones?activeOnly={activeOnly}

Get Sync Centre Zones .


APIs for Managing Seat Level Information. Update or Delete Seats, Upload or Download PDFs and Barcodes etc.
Version 3.1
PUT POS/v3.1/Seats

Updates the seats.

POST POS/v3.1/Seats/Search

Search seats by Event Details including event headliner and event date.

POST POS/v3.1/Seats/Barcodes

Adds the barcodes.

Version 3.0

Bulk update seats.

POST POS/Seats/Search

Search seats by Event Details

POST POS/Seats/Barcodes

Add barcode.

POST POS/Seats/RemovePDFs

Removes the PDF.

POST POS/Seats/PDFs?extractBarcode={extractBarcode}

Upload PDF.


Version 3.0
POST POS/v3/Reports/AR/Search

Searches the specified AR Report.


Version 3.1
PUT POS/v3.1/Tags

Update Tags

PUT POS/v3.1/Tags/Merge

Merge Tags

POST POS/v3.1/Tags

Add Tags

POST POS/v3.1/Tags/Delete

Delete Tags

POST POS/v3.1/Tags/Search

Get Tags